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Log Lathe OCS-1M

Price: $7,191

Basic information:

The universal lathe is designed for the production of rounded logs, which are used in the construction of log cabins, baths and other buildings. Consists of a power unit moving along guides. Guides, headstock, tail stock and log rotation drive are mounted on a common frame.

Performs the following operations:
• Processing of logs by planing wood with a mechanical feed.
• Milling a locating groove in manual mode
• Milling a log cut in manual mode
• Machining the lateral plane

The combination of various modes of processing along the length of the workpiece (in the fixing mode and in the rotation mode) makes it possible to obtain products of a complex configuration — a bar of a complex profile, balusters and much more.


  • Diameter of rounded logs, mm: 140 — 260
  • Maximum workpiece diameter, mm: 400
  • Workpiece length, m: 0.5 — 8
  • Productivity per shift, m / run (shift — 8 hours): 150 — 200
  • Maximum thickness of the cut layer (for 1 pass), mm per radius: 100
  • Deviation of the longitudinal profile of the rounded log, mm: no more than 2
  • Electric motor power of the finishing cutter cylinder, kW: 7.5
  • Workpiece rotation electric motor power, kW: 2.2
  • Carriage feed motor power, kW: 0.25
  • Carriage feed speed: Variable
  • Workpiece rotation frequency, rpm: 20 / 30
  • Rotation frequency of the finishing cutter, rpm: 3000
  • Number of attendants, people: 2 person
  • Operating temperature range: -30 / + 40
  • Motor power: Elec 380V, 50Hz, 3Ph
  • Dimensions (LxWxH), m: 10 x 1.4 x 1.8
  • Weight, kg: 1600

Advantage over analog equipment:

1. By the method of wood planing, it gives a smooth surface and hardens the outer layer.
2. Machining up to 200 millimeters in one pass is carried out immediately to the finishing dimension.
3. Automatic stops prevent vibration and sagging of the log at all stages of processing.
4. Adjustment of the working cutter is carried out according to special rulers to make it easier to use.
5. Milling of bowls is carried out on special stops that are installed on the marking strip, which reduces the dimensional error to a minimum.
6. The feed drive of the carriage of the machine is equipped with a frequency converter, which makes it possible to smoothly regulate its speed.
7. The control unit is equipped with a heating system, which allows it to operate at temperatures up to -30 degrees.
8. The tail stock and headstock of the machine are equipped with hydraulic lifters, which allows for quick and accurate adjustment of the log.
9. Easy to use does not require mental and physical effort, even one person can handle it.


Video of the machine in operation:


Automatic rests to eliminate sagging and vibration of the log when processing with the Log Lathe OCS-1M:

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