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Log Lathe OCS-3AM

Price: $14,993

Basic information:

The OСS-3AM universal machine is designed for mass production of billets from rounded logs, which allows for fully automatic rounding of logs, milling of longitudinal and spacer slots, and milling of log grooves.

Consists of a power unit moving along rail tracks. A milling cutter for processing logs is installed on the machine trolley. Mounting slot cutter and compensation saw blade. The compensating cut is designed to relieve stress from the upper layers and reduce the number of cracks on the surface of the log. Also on the carriage is a cutter drive for cutting a log cut, the feed of which is carried out by a variable speed drive. The search for marks for cutting bowls is carried out using an electric stop. The farm has: a rear mobile headstock with a retractable quill for clamping logs, a headstock with a log rotation drive and an electromagnetic brake (designed to fix the log rotation drive). The movement of the carriage is carried out by a drive with a smooth adjustment of the carriage feed speed.

Adjustment of all cutters for a given product size is carried out according to special rulers, further control of the drives occurs in automatic mode without the need for manual adjustment for each log.

* The length of the track can be increased.
* It is possible to install additional cutters for the production of rounded logs with a diameter of 320-360 mm.


  • Diameter of rounded logs, mm: 160-360 *
  • Maximum workpiece diameter, mm: 600
  • Workpiece length, m: 0.5 — 8
  • Productivity per shift, m / run (shift — 8 hours): 150 — 200
  • Maximum thickness of the cut layer (for 1 pass), mm per radius: 100
  • Deviation of the longitudinal profile of the rounded log, mm: no more than 2
  • Power of the electric motor of the cylinder of the finishing mill, kW: 11
  • Slot cutter motor power, kW: 7.5
  • Compensating groove electric motor power, kW: 1.1
  • Electric motor power of slot cutter rotation, kW: 0.25
  • Cutter motor power, kW: 5.5
  • Workpiece rotation electric motor power, kW: 2.2
  • Power of the electric motor for feeding the cup cutter, kW: 0.55
  • Carriage feed motor power, kW: 0.55
  • Cup cutter feed speed: Variable
  • Carriage feed speed: Variable
  • Workpiece rotation frequency, rpm: 20 / 30
  • Rotation frequency of the groove cutter, rpm: 3000
  • Rotation frequency of the finishing cutter, rpm: 3000
  • Cutter rotation frequency, rpm: 3000
  • Number of attendants, people: 2 person
  • Operating temperature range: -30 / + 40
  • Motor power: Electric 380 V, 50 Hz, 3 phases
  • Dimensions (LxWxH), m: 10 x 1.2 x 1.8
  • Weight, kg: 2300

Advantage over analog equipment:

  1. The lathe is equipped with a fully automatic control system for all drives, which allows carrying out all log processing operations without operator intervention, digital indicators of the main drives’ load, as well as an adaptive feed rate control system. Carts and log rotation are integrated into the machine control unit.
  2. Despite the software control, the lathe does not require special maintenance and highly qualified personnel, the microprocessor itself detects the operator’s wrong actions and issues an error signal, preventing emergency situations.
  3. The control panel displays digital indicators of the main drive load, which allow you to visually observe the load of a particular motor.
  4. The lathe is equipped with a carriage feed speed automatic control system.
  5. The control unit is equipped with a multi-stage protection system against power surges and surges.
  6. The presence of non-contact inductive position sensors allows operation in a wide range of ambient temperatures.
  7. The control panel of the machine is equipped with a heating system for the electronic part, which allows it to work at low ambient temperatures.
  8. The patented shape of the knives (RF Patent No. 112086) allows to significantly reduce the load on the cutter and achieve maximum productivity without reducing the quality of the processed material.
  9. The maximum processing of a log in one pass of a layer of wood is 100 mm per radius, rounding of a log is carried out in one pass to the final size.
  10. The quality of processing is ensured at the level of planed wood.
  11. Deviation of the longitudinal profile of the processed log, mm: no more than 2.0 mm.
  12. Possibility of processing logs with a high degree of taper and curvature.
  13. The machine is set up once for the entire production cycle of a product of a given diameter.
  14. The presence of five clamps allows you to avoid vibrations and violation of the geometry of the rounded log during all processing operations.
  15. The lathe’s hydraulic lifters allow you to easily and accurately position the log between the headstock and tail stock.
  16. There are no idle moves: in the forward direction, the magazine is being processed, in the opposite direction, the groove and cut are selected.
  17. The milling of the bowls is carried out according to special marks and stops, which are installed on the marking strip of the machine bed, while errors in the size between the bowls are completely excluded.


Video of machine OCS-3AM in operation:


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