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New! The OСS-4A lathe was launched into production

We are glad to inform you that our enterprise has designed, tested and put into mass production a new cylindrical automatic machine OCS-4A

This model of a cylindrical machine allows you to perform operations on the cindering of logs, milling of the mounting and expansion groove for product diameters from 160 to 500 mm, while the maximum diameter of the workpiece can reach 700 mm.

New! The OСS-4A lathe was launched into production New! The OСS-4A lathe was launched into production


The main distinguishing feature of this model of the machine is the presence of a special trimming unit, consisting of an electric drive with a saw blade, as well as a device for turning this drive, while the angle of rotation (relative to the axis of the log) is determined automatically, depending on the feed speed of the carriage and the rotation speed of the log. Structurally, this trimming unit is located in front of the roughing cutter, thereby, it first weakens the removed layer of wood, the finishing cutter only needs to chip off and clean up after trimming. Thus, the presence of this unit allows you to significantly reduce the load on the finishing cutter, and therefore increase the processing speed.


  1. The setting of the cutters and the mounting groove to a certain size is carried out by the contact stop, when the knife touches which, a special device emits a light and sound signal.
  2. To prevent emergency situations along the rotation of the log, an adjustable «laser stretch» is located on the bed, which signals the lathe operator if the maximum diameter of the log is exceeded.
  3. Due to the presence of a rotary frame of the processing drive, the cutting tool is promptly replaced.
  4. For the convenience of work, the movement of the tail stock is carried out by a chain drive.
  5. The OTsS-4A lathe is equipped with a fully automatic control system for all drives, which allows performing all log processing operations without the participation of an operator; digital indicators of the main drives’ load, as well as an adaptive system for adjusting the carriage feed rate and log rotation, were integrated into the machine control unit.
  6. The presence of non-contact inductive position sensors allows working in wide ranges of ambient temperatures.