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Payment and delivery

You can place an order, as well as get all the necessary information, by contacting our consultants by phone:

+7 (351) 235-55-72
+7 (952) 523-66-74

The order of the transaction:

  1. You leave a request or call us by phone, after which our manager will advise you on all issues of interest — agree on the name, completeness, quantity of equipment and delivery method.
  2. We conclude with you a bilateral agreement for the supply of equipment, in which we fix the cost and delivery time of equipment.
  3. You transfer to our bank account an advance payment in the amount of 8% of the cost of the equipment.
  4. We put you in a queue for manufacturing and manufacture equipment according to the configuration and terms specified in the contract. If, in the process of waiting, for one reason or another, you change your mind about purchasing the ordered equipment, then we will refund the prepayment in 100%.
  5. After manufacturing and testing the equipment, you or your specialist can come to our production site, where we will demonstrate the efficiency of the machine, as well as conduct free training.
  6. You transfer the remaining amount to your current account.
  7. Our manager will help you choose the best option for the delivery of equipment to any city in the Russian Federation and beyond.



We take very seriously the stage of transportation of equipment from our production to the place of its installation and take all necessary measures to ensure that the equipment arrives intact and safe. Checking the completeness, screening of structural elements, loading — are our responsibility.

Payment and delivery Payment and delivery
Payment and delivery Payment and delivery


Payment and delivery



Transportation options

1. You can independently pick up the equipment from our factory; when choosing a transport, pay attention to the small-sized characteristics of the loading places. Loading onto vehicles is carried out from above. 


2. We can pick up and calculate the cost of delivery by dedicated transport from our factory. The machine is delivered directly to the customer’s site. Average cost per 1 km of track — $0.273.


3. We have been in dialogue and working with various logistics companies for many years. Our manager will assist in finding the best option for a transport company for you, carry out all the necessary negotiations and paperwork. We draw your attention to the fact that for long-distance transportation, when drawing up documents with a transport company, we recommend using the «rigid packaging» (crate) service, this measure will help to avoid damage to the paintwork of the machine during overloading at the terminals of the transport company.


4. Sending abroad. We carry out transactions with our foreign partners through an export company. The export company offers a 10% discount on the cost of the equipment through VAT refunds. Delivery is carried out in several stages: — delivery to the terminal of the export company (the cargo undergoes customs clearance) -land delivery to the port (if there is no land delivery) for container loading -delivery to the recipient’s country (with further customs clearance of the cargo) All work related to the delivery, customs, brokerage services, etc. is taken over by our affiliated export company. Shipping cost is calculated individually for each country.