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Saw blade 250mm

Price: $42

On the machine for processing thin wood, UPT-250S and installed two shaft disk sawing system. The thickness and number of boards that the operator expects to receive is determined by the number of saw blades and the thickness of the disc spacers. The blade is made of high quality rolled steel, to the teeth of which carbide plates are soldered. The saw blades are equipped with scraping knives, which remove the pile from the surface of the boards or timber. In the intervals between the main teeth, there are cesspools; they are designed for more efficient removal of sawdust from the cutting zone.
The saw blade has the following designation: 250x50x3.2 / 2.2 / (18z + 18) +4


  • Outer diameter, mm: 250
  • Landing hole, mm: 50
  • Thickness of carbide brazing, mm: 3.2
  • Blade thickness, mm: 2.2
  • Number of main teeth, pieces: 18
  • Number of auxiliary teeth, pieces: 18
  • Number of honoring knives, pieces: 4


The UPT-250S machine is completed with 6 pairs of saw blades, a maximum of 9 pairs of saws can be installed. Saw blades are the main consumable tool that must be sharpened on time. In order to prevent the machine from idle while servicing the tool, we recommend purchasing spare saw blades.