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The belt conveyor TOL-2

The price is for 1m: $220

Basic information:

The belt conveyor is designed for fast removal of wood chips from under the lathes directly into a separate container. Thanks to this, the operator does not waste time cleaning and loading waste. There are special corners under the conveyor that clean off the remaining chips.


  • Conveyor length, m: 6-26
  • Conveyor belt width, mm: 650
  • Tilt angle (degrees): 10-30
  • Lift height of the inclined part, m: 0.4-3
  • Engine power, kW: 1.5-5.5
  • Travel speed, m / s: 1.2

Conveyor assembly diagrams:

The belt conveyor TOL-2The belt conveyor TOL-2The belt conveyor TOL-2