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Updated angular disk sawmill UPS-600

We are glad to inform you about the renewal of the design of the circular sawmill, in the course of deep modernization, the engineers of our company tried to take into account all the wishes of our customers.

The following changes were made to the design of the circular sawmill:

  1. Reinforced guides for horizontal and vertical travel.
  2. All guides are now reliably protected from sawdust hitting them.
  3. There are protective opening covers.
  4. Fixing electromagnetic brakes were installed on the horizontal carriage.
  5. The rotary unit of the vertical disc has appeared, the sawmill can now be switched to the horizontal sawing mode.
  6. Installed linear laser cut pointers.
  7. All mechanical tips have been replaced with non-contact induction tips.
  8. The log clamps have been replaced with height-adjustable eccentric lever clamps.
  9. The software of the machine has been updated, now there is a fully automatic cutting mode.